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Satcaster to add HDR content to its on-demand platform this week, sports and movies to follow
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From streaming Spotify through your AVR to kicking back with a CD on your Blu-ray deck or spinning some vinyl, there's plenty of scope for listening to music in your movie den...
Do you listen to music through your cinema system?
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Hundreds of previously streamed titles now available to rewatch via free add-on
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hccrefstatusbadgeThis 16-channel AV processor promises to sound perfect in any room. Steve Withers pricks up his ears

Any company that christens its room correction system RoomPerfect must be confident it can live up to such a moniker. It's right there in the name. Anything less than sonic perfection and you're opening yourself up to a world of criticism. The MP-60, the new 16-channel AV processor from Danish manufacturer Lyngdorf, is designed to deliver exactly that: the perfect room.

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3.1-channel HT-G700 Atmos 'bar deploys signal processing for height thrills, HT-S20R combines soundbar, sub and satellites for affordable surround sound
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1980 adventure flick given comprehensive, director-approved 4K restoration for bumper five-disc Collector's Edition release
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Move enables lockdown telly addicts to binge on shows including Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Britannia and 30 Rock
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'Cinema-quality' model to go on sale early June, alongside new third-generation Sub and flagship Five standalone speaker
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Optoma has given its media-savvy living room projector a brightness boost. John Archer leaves the lights on for some 4K HDR viewing

Much as we love projectors, trying to use them in a dark room can be a pain. Particularly if their remote controls don't have any backlighting.

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hcchighreccomendBang & Olufsen's first soundbar is an extravagant performer, insists Steve May

The category has been around for more than a decade, but the Beosound Stage is the first dedicated soundbar to come from the Bang & Olufsen stable – and it arrives with a sonic maturity that makes you think B&O has been making these things for years.