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Now every cinephile's favourite disc format, Blu-ray's evolution began over twenty years ago and was marked by an infamous format war, changing 'profiles' and premium priced hardware...
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hcchighreccomendAfter a period of absence, Pioneer wants to return to its former position as one of the main AV receiver brands. And what's the best way to go about this? By launching an all-singing, all-dancing 11-channel model to compete with the similarly specified amps of its rivals. Enter the VSA-LX805.
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While it took Samsung much longer than, well, just about everyone else to fully board the OLED TV train, the South Korean company seems eager to make up for lost time. In 2024 it is significantly expanding its OLED offering, even dipping down to 48in on a new, entry-level lineup, and with its flagship S95D series, tested here at 65in, it's also seeking to rewrite the OLED performance rule book.

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It's a case of 'come on down' in this three-level cinema where movies, games and a drink at the bar are on offer...
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Away from its flagship flatscreens, Hisense continues to battle it out in the entry-level TV arena...
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American brand's new flagship lineup debuts includes three floorstanders – and an Atmos solution for home cinema systems
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hcchighreccomend The R212s is a very capable subwoofer that manages to deliver plenty of blunt force trauma while being nimble and responsive when faced with sudden transients. Think of somebody with a bricklayer's shoulders and a ballerina's feet and you get the idea...
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With all-new cabinet designs, upgraded drivers and even a fresh mocha colourway, B&W's S3 generation of its 700 series speakers offers much more than just a gentle upgrade...
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hcchighreccomendIntroducing the OLED+908, the first MLA (Micro Lens Array) OLED flatscreen from Philips, and available in the 55in iteration tested here for around £1,800. That's not an inconsiderable sum for a telly of its size, but as is the current direction of 
travel in the 4K TV market, it arrives promising higher peak brightness than we've seen from the brand before, plus 
plenty of other premium treats.