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What better way to put this Marantz high-end home cinema amplifier through its paces than with some high-brow music. Specifically, Winter, from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons (or, as I like to call it, Le quattro stagioni). The trilling of violins, beautifully elucidated by this amplifier's melodious HDAM amplification, is sublime, and I just love the way the strings are dramatically engulfed by a full orchestral storm… and heavy weapons fire.
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Next-generation Samsung QD OLED screens, Neo QLED models with Mini LED backlighting, and a raft of largescreen 4K smart TVs have made their European bow at a 'Tech Summit and Showcase' held in Frankfurt. The 2023 models, which will hit stores sooner rather than later, represent the most comprehensive lineup of TV technology yet seen from Samsung.
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This multipurpose AV space hides a full-fat Dolby Atmos system with four subwoofers, but puts its dedicated stereo speakers on display.
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Soundbars don't come any more premium than this 18kg whopper from Danish design honcho Bang & Olufsen. Rather than shoot for the mainstream, the brand has gone seriously upmarket with a component that's as uncompromising as it is exhilarating...
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As I write this, I am listening to a digital file, streamed from my NAS, via the Roon music management platform, into a DAC and from there 
to an amplifier driving a pair of speakers. There are any number of EQ and DSP options open to me in Roon but every single one of them is bypassed or switched off...
Anton van Beek & Mark Craven  |  Feb 21, 2023  |  0 comments
With Hollywood hoping for a post-pandemic bounce-back at the box office, this year's movie slate features returns for the Mission: Impossible crew, John Wick and Adonis Creed, plus a certain professor of archaeology...
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Philips has revealed its latest OLED flagship TV, the OLED+908, at a huge 2023 range reveal in Amsterdam. The new model looks likely to be a top-of-the-line choice for home cinema enthusiasts, not least because it’s the first from the brand to use the latest LG Display Micro Lens Array (MLA) panel, coupled to a proprietary META brightness Boosting algorithm.
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hcc_recommendedJohn Archer rates Panasonic's step-down OLED TV as an unmissable bargain for anyone who already has an immersive sound system

Rival OLED manufacturers are really getting started with new types of high-brightness panel designs, but Panasonic has been at it for years – with consistently great results. A catch has been that the brand's hardware-enhanced OLED TVs have tended to pile on the (Great British) pounds.

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hccbestbuybadgev3Mark Craven wrestles this beefy multichannel amplifier into place, and then gets drunk on power

Here's something I wasn't expecting. Musical Fidelity, the audio brand known for its high-end hi-fi products, and association with turntable maker Pro-Ject, which acquired the company in 2018, has launched a seven-channel power amplifier. And it's a big old beast of an amp too.

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hcc_recommendedThe projector marque is once again targeting bigscreen gamers, this time with a Full HD model with handy short-throw lens and 120Hz playback. John Archer plugs in

BenQ describes its TH690ST as the 'world's first short-throw 4LED console gaming projector'. While this description sums up its core appeal well, it only scrapes the surface of everything the unit has going for it.