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Summer is here which means only one thing: TV is going to be packed full of people kicking balls, throwing balls and hitting balls with bats and racquets. With this in mind, we were wondering how many of you also use your home cinemas for watching sporting events...
Do you watch sporting events on your home cinema system?
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The June 2019 issue of Home Cinema Choice is on sale today and as usual it's packed with all manner of AV goodness – including in-depth reviews of Samsung and LG's latest 4K HDR TVs; everything you need to know about projectors; forgotten comic book movies; and a whole lot more...
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Thanks to a groundbreaking approach to colour accuracy, BenQ's CinePrime W2700 delivers a 4K HDR home cinema image that's true to the director's intent..
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'We believe the combined businesses will bring unrivalled innovation and sound performance to our consumers,' says Sound United
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3D BD edition also announced for Marvel blockbuster, plus range of extras
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Check out a movie room with CinemaScope projection, 5.1.2 audio and a pool table with a hidden talent...
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Fans of Sergio Leone's masterpiece will get a kick out of this in-depth account of its production
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Stupendous HDR colours and an awesome Atmos mix make this nostalgic Transformers prequel a joyride worthy of your attention
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Need a player that handles both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision HDR?
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This high-end 4K projector breaks new HDR ground – which explains why it's so expensive