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Offering a fresh take on John Wyndham’s classic science fiction novel, new Sky Original The Midwich Cuckoos promises to creep the nation as all seven episodes drop on Sky and Now streaming services.
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hcc_recommendedHisense's latest attempt to turn a projector into a TV is its most compelling yet, reckons John Archer

If you're reading this magazine, you probably love a bigscreen viewing experience. You might even dream of either being able to afford a monster-sized 100in TV, or having somewhere to install a projector without messing up your day-to-day living space. And thanks to Hisense's latest Laser TV, the 100L9GTUK, you might have to dream no more. The appeal of this product is wickedly simple. It combines an ultra-short-throw laser projector, built-in 40W audio system and high reflectivity, 100in ambient light rejecting (ALR) screen to give you a TV-like experience at home cinema dimensions. It does this for £4,499, just a fraction of what a 100in TV would cost.

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hccbestbuybadgev3Samsung's first new TV of 2022 emphasises the strengths of mini LED technology, reckons John Archer

While OLED had new brighter panels to shout about in 2021, the story of the year for rival LCD technology was definitely the arrival of mini LED backlighting. Samsung, in particular, showed how moving to much smaller LEDs, coupled with an increase in a TV's number of local dimming zones, could rewrite the LCD picture quality rule book in terms of contrast precision. Now it returns with a second-gen model to hopefully wow us again.

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hcchighreccomendNAD expands its lineup of hi-res streaming amplifiers with the C 700, a more affordable – but still well-featured – alternative to its Masters Series hardware. Mark Craven investigates

Those who admired NAD's M10 two-channel, do-it-all streaming amplifier but were put off by the £2,200 price tag (see HCC #304) are clearly the target audience for the Canadian manufacturer's new C 700. Like the costlier Masters Series model, this compact component promises to drag your music playback into the 21st century via its hi-res capable BluOS streaming module, while chucking in a range of physical inputs for good measure, and then giving connected speakers a healthy punch of Class D amplification. Unlike the M10, however, it sells for £1,300.

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hcc_recommendedThe smart illumination brand's newest invention is its most appealing yet, says Mark Craven

It wasn't that long ago that the options for upgrading the lighting in your living room or movie den were a) buy more lamps, b) get a dimmer switch or c) re-wire for a complete overhaul. These days, thankfully, you can do so much more, with Wi-Fi networking and app control bringing creativity and customisation. And a smart lighting setup needn't have you calling in an electrician, either.

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hcc_recommendedPhilips hopes to cover all bases with this LED-lit Dolby Vision UHD TV for every occasion – Steve May examines its wide appeal

Jet Li wanted to be The One, Keanu Reeves became The One, and Chesney Hawkes sang about The One. Now you can take The One home, in the shape of this Philips LED TV mid-ranger, so named because it ticks more boxes than a pedantic bureaucrat at a box-ticking convention.

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Installer-friendly series features in-wall/on-wall trio, plus subwoofer, and claims THX Ultra certification
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With wall-mounted Bluetooth amplifier and in-walls speakers, this music system will be heard but not seen
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hccbestbuybadgev3Mark Craven believes Q Acoustics' mid-level Concept speaker package was worth waiting for

It was almost a decade ago that Q Acoustics launched its Concept range. At the time, the relatively new UK brand was known for affordable loudspeakers, and the 2013 arrival of the Concept 20 bookshelf was billed as a step toward the high-end. Okay, it was still on the right side of pricey, but later on in 2017 came floorstanders (the Concept 500s) at £4,000 a pair.

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hcc_recommendedSamsung invents a whole new home entertainment category – and a young at heart John Archer is mostly here for it

Not content with unexpectedly returning to the premium projector fray last year with its The Premiere ultra-short-throw model (see HCC #318), Samsung has now decided, again out of the blue, to redefine our entire notion of what a projector even is. And it's to the Korean company's credit that, having lived with its new, out-of-left-field beamer, I'm quite smitten.