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Range billed as 'entry point to the high-end Dynaudio universe' features standmount, floorstander and centre channel models...
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Scheme includes A7G, U8G and A9G TVs, plus Laser TV projector systems, with up to £500 available
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Mark Craven wonders if it's time to rethink the way we talk about tech...
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hccbestbuybadgev3Denon's entry-level X-series AV receiver is indisputably brilliant, says a smitten Steve May

'It's called driving, Marcus!' proclaims Will Smith during the opening road race sequence of Bad Boys for Life. You could also call it a perfect demonstration of this Denon receiver's ability to lift and separate high and low. After only a few seconds with this AVR, I was hooked.

Mark Craven  |  Jun 11, 2021  |  0 comments
hccbestbuybadgev3Mark Craven admires the brains behind this brawny, bijou bassmaker

KEF's new subwoofer is calling out for a slick nickname. From the brand that brought us the Blade and Muon speakers, plus The Reference range, comes the ...KC62. This moniker makes it sound like something that's fallen off a spreadsheet rather than what it is, which is arguably the coolest subwoofer I've ever had a chance to play around with. Maybe it will grow its own nickname over time, like KEF's 'Eggs'. It's certainly a cracker.

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Featuring... Humanoids From The Deep, The Stud & The Bitch, Silent Action, Coming to America 4K, Raw: Limited Edition and more
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VOD platform – plus Apple channels and pay-per-view content – arrives on Android TV 8 and later sets.
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New 4K remasters and Dolby Atmos soundmixes bring this popular action-adventure series bang up-to-date...
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Those who missed the seven-part crime series on Sky Atlantic can now binge away
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A brilliant release for a template-setting Jackie Chan flick.