Home cinema install: Movies and music

The trend in custom cinemas is to hide loudspeakers away, especially at the screen end 
of the room. Yet this basement-based system, designed by Kent outfit New Wave AV, has Bowers & Wilkins speakers standing proud in the front left/right positions.

The reason for this is that it's used both for movies and music, and runs a dedicated stereo setup as well as a 7.4.4 cinema array. Installer Angus Murray says they worked with the owner 
'to ascertain whether one system could offer both solutions but, in the end, it was decided that two dedicated systems would be the correct way to go.'

For the film side of things, the cinema features a 'Scope ratio projector screen and Sony 4K HDR projector. All the (hidden) speakers are from American corp Triad – a mixture of its Silver and Bronze ranges, including a quartet of in-wall subwoofers powered by racked amplifiers.

After room treatments from Vicoustic were installed, further calibration was handled by the system's Anthem AVR.

Installer Info

New Wave AV

Kit list

Sony: VPL-VW590ES 4K HDR projector
Cinema Build Systems: 2.35:1-ratio Slim Screen
Anthem: MRX 1140 AV receiver with ARC Genesis room correction
Triad: 1 x Rack Amp 700; 1 x Rack Amp 300; 3 x Inwall Silver/6 LCR; 4 x Inwall Bronze LCR; 2 x Inwall Bronze/6 Sub; 2 x Inwall Bronze/4 Slim Sub; 4 x In-Ceiling Bronze/8 Sat
Control4: EA1 controller; SR260 remote control; wireless dimmer keypads
Vicoustic: Sound treatment
Naim Audio: Uniti Nova streaming amplifier
Bowers & Wilkins: 2 x 702 S2 floorstanding loudspeakers

Rather than hide the room's absorption and diffusion treatments – from Portuguese specialist Vicoustic – side and rear-wall acoustic panels are on show

Installed within the rear wall is Sony's VPL-VW590ES, a lamp- rather than laser-based 4K HDR model with an expansive 1.38-2.83:1 throw ratio suited to a largescale theatre

For two-channel music, the owner demanded a separate system featuring Bowers & Wilkins 702 floorstanders and a high-end Naim Audio Uniti Nova streaming amp