Home cinema install: A room with AV secrets

This twin-display media playpen keeps all signs of its audio-visual prowess hidden when not required

Not everyone has the space, or the desire, for a dedicated home cinema room where watching movies takes precedent over everything else. In this case a multi-purpose 'media room' is in order, where everyday living and high-performance AV entertainment live side by side.

That's certainly the aim of this slick room designed and fitted by Dutch install corp De Opera Domotica, for an owner who wanted somewhere to enjoy bigscreen images and surround sound, but also a living space fit for the grandchildren to play in.

The room hides its AV secrets well. All speakers are housed in-wall or in-ceiling, including the dual 8in Totem Acoustic subwoofers. The array runs to 9.2, with power amplifiers from Wisdom Audio joining forces with a Denon AVR-X4520. Motorised KEF in-ceiling models (Ci200.3QTs) descend from their hidey hole when called for, thanks to in-built IR.

Projection is delivered straight onto a purpose-finished wall from an Epson PJ that lurks in the ceiling. For more casual viewing, a Samsung 4K TV resides in a side-slung AV cupboard.

Control, meanwhile, is state-of-the-art. Crestron integration not only kickstarts the PJ and dims the lights, but takes charge of blinds, underfloor heating, air-conditioning and even the fireplace. Hot stuff!


Installer Info

De Opera Domotica

Kit List

Denon: AVR-X4520 receiver; DBT-3313UD universal Blu-ray player  
REGA: Saturn-R CD player  
Apple: Apple TV; iPad Air
Wisdom: 2 x P48 planar magnetic speakers; SC-1 system controller with Audyssey Pro; 3 x SA-3 three-channel power amplifiers 
Totem Acoustic: 2 x Tribe I on-wall speakers; 4 x TAW 8 in-ceiling speakers; 2 x in-wall dual 
8in subwoofers
KEF: 2 x Ci200.3QT electronic controlled ceiling speakers  
Audipack: Projector lift
Epson: Full HD LCD projector  
Samsung: 48JU7000 4K TV