Home cinema install: A Night at the Opera

Known as 'Le Petite Garnier', this plush premium home theatre apes the aesthetics of the Le Palais Garnier opera venue in Paris.

Michael Robinson, Project Director at Perfect Integration, the company that designed the room, reveals the owner wanted to enjoy the experience of the cinema as much as they'd enjoy watching a movie. However, neither were they willing to sacrifice when it came to technology.

'Our brief evolved into delivering a high-performance, technically accurate, reference-grade cinema, without any compromises and with all technology blending seamlessly into the design.'

The kit specification includes a high-end Barco Balder CinemaScope 4K projector used with a motorized masking screen (hidden when wanted by a retro-style red curtain); Kaleidescape and Oppo Blu-ray sources; a 7.4.4 Bowers & Wilkins speaker array; and Rotel and Storm Audio separates. Touchscreen control comes via a Crestron system that also automates the rest of the house.

An eye-catching feature of the room is its curved ceiling, which helps disperse sound in an irregular fashion, bringing an acoustic benefit. Amidst the detailed soffit design lurk the four height channel speakers, blended in behind custom grilles. The height of the curved ceiling also created space for the PJ to sit above the cornice, in a ventilated enclosure that reduces its operating noise by 50 per cent.

And then there's the room's aesthetic appeal. The installers worked with the owner to choose materials and colour palette, resulting in a mix of deep reds, gold and black tones, and sumptuous fabrics. Not only do these create the luxurious feel desired, they are 'invaluable' in reducing reflections from the projector, boosting its perceived contrast ratio, and work to improve acoustics in conjunction with absorbent wall treatments.

Installer Info

Perfect Integration

Kit Checklist

Bowers & Wilkins: 3 x CWM8.3D in-wall speakers (LCR, bi-amped); 4 x CWM8.5D in-wall speakers (side/rear surround); 4 x CCM8.5D in-ceiling Dolby Atmos speakers; 2 x CT-SW15 subwoofers; 2 x CT-SW12 subwoofers; 3 x SA-1000 subwoofer power amplifiers
Barco: Balder CinemaScope 4K DLP projector
Screen Research: 3.3m Reference X-Mask projector screen
Storm Audio: ISP 3D.16 Elite processor
Rotel: 3 x RMB-1585 power amplifiers
Crestron: DM-MD16x16 video distribution; touchscreen remote
Lutron: Lighting and motorised curtains
Furman: Power conditioning
Kaleidescape: Strato & Cinema One
Oppo: UDP-203 4K Blu-ray players
Fortress Seating: Bespoke seating

The four Dolby Atmos in-ceiling speakers merge into the overall design behind custom grilles

The cinema provides room for seven film fans spread across two rows of bespoke red fabric seats from Fortress Seating

A trio of Bowers & Wilkins CWM8.3D speakers, bi-amped for extra headroom, handle the cinema room's LCR soundstage

Perfect Integration