Home cinema install: A cinema at one with the Force

This high-spec cinema, like the Star Wars 
saga that cleverly informs its final design, has undergone some serious evolution. Formerly featured in HCC #269 as the pride and joy 
of AV-Holic Gary, a desire to upgrade – primarily the projector – led to the introduction of professional cinema outfit Bespoke Home Cinemas. And what began as a remaster turned into a reboot...

'After visiting our showroom [Gary] decided 
to start afresh and move up to a professionally 
built reference-level experience, with a brief to 
give an aesthetic nod to Star Wars,' says installer Gifford Malcolm.

The finished room is now dubbed 'the Obieon,' and showcases a startling, unique aesthetic. More than 2,500 NeoPixel LEDs have been used to create 
a wraparound lighting effect (marshalled by 
a custom-built PC), that pays homage to a 
Lightsaber dual. Taking it to another level are the accompanying sound effects that pan through the surround speakers as the red and blue LEDs extend across the room – even spanning the cinema's double entrance doors.

The walls, finished in a plush grey stretch fabric, conceal the system's acoustic treatments, with absorption and diffusion panels ensuring an accurate performance from the cinema's 9.2.6-channel audio array. The in-ceiling and LCR speakers, plus twin subwoofers, are also hidden from view.

A 3m-wide 16:9 projector screen (chosen as Gary likes to mix up his movie viewing with gaming and sports) dominates the front wall, which – unusually – is tapered at its far edges. This allowed custom bass traps and front wide speakers to be fitted, covered in a black fabric chosen for its light-absorbing properties so that the 4K HDR images from the Sony PJ are given the full chance to shine.

An exterior cupboard houses the kit rack. Here 
a Kaleidescape Strato 4K player and Oppo UDP-205 rub shoulders with a Trinnov Altitude16 processor and three Marantz power amplifiers. There's also 
a Sky Q PVR, plus two Minis feeding other rooms in the house.

'I’m absolutely delighted with the upgrades made to my system and room,' Gary tells HCC. 'The Sony PJ is just stunning and the Trinnov processor has taken the sound to another level altogether. But the standout feature has to be the Lightsabers. How many people can say they have a dedicated cinema with Lightsabers shooting around the room?'.

And he didn't have to wait long to enjoy his new toys: following the CAD design process, the full conversion was completed in just 15 days. Which is like doing the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

Installer Info

Bespoke Home Cinemas

Kit Checklist

Sony: VPL-VW760ES 4K laser projector
Future Automation: Projector bracket
Screen Excellence: 3m-wide 16:9 acoustic screen
Marantz: 3 x MM7055 power amplifiers
Trinnov: Altitude 16 processor
Artcoustic: 3 x Spitfire 8-4 (LCR); 6 x SL 4-2 (surrounds and wides); 6 x Architect PAS 
(Dolby Atmos); 2 x Control2 subwoofers, 
plus PDA1000 amp
Kaleidescape: Strato S server
Oppo: UDP-205 4K Blu-ray player
Apple:Apple TV 4K
HD Anywhere: 8 x 8 Pro matrix
Control4: Processor and SR260 remote; dual load keypad dimmers
Arduino: Custom PC for lighting and audio effects

Bespoke Home Cinemas