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1980 adventure flick given comprehensive, director-approved 4K restoration for bumper five-disc Collector's Edition release
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Move enables lockdown telly addicts to binge on shows including Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Britannia and 30 Rock
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'Cinema-quality' model to go on sale early June, alongside new third-generation Sub and flagship Five standalone speaker
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Optoma has given its media-savvy living room projector a brightness boost. John Archer leaves the lights on for some 4K HDR viewing

Much as we love projectors, trying to use them in a dark room can be a pain. Particularly if their remote controls don't have any backlighting.

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hcchighreccomendBang & Olufsen's first soundbar is an extravagant performer, insists Steve May

The category has been around for more than a decade, but the Beosound Stage is the first dedicated soundbar to come from the Bang & Olufsen stable – and it arrives with a sonic maturity that makes you think B&O has been making these things for years.

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The sixth generation of MA's affordable range is now available to order, with options including on-wall surrounds, centre, subwoofer and upfirers
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3D audio format supports systems up to 13.1, joins Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and IMAX Enhanced on Arcam's home cinema hardware
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Get 25% off B&W's award-winning speakers – but only for this week...
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hccbestbuybadgev3Steve Withers reckons this more affordable M&K package sounds familiar. And that's a good thing

In an ideal world you'd want to experience movies with the same speakers used to craft their soundtracks. M&K Sound has been making professional studio monitors for decades, and its S150 is about as iconic as you can get. But what if you fancy a similar level of performance from a speaker that's a bit cheaper and a bit more… normal looking?

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Range for the year includes 14 OLED models, one in new 48in guise, and two with 8K resolution