Anthem AVM 70 15.2-channel Dolby Atmos AV processor review Need Power? Anthem Has The Answer

Need Power? Anthem Has The Answer

MCA amplifiers are 'sonically and cosmetically' a perfect match for the AVM 70.

Completing Anthem's overhaul of its AV range are its second-generation ('Gen 2') MCA amplifiers, which are an obvious audition if you need to add power to the AVM 70's processing. Styled to match, with the same two-tone fascia approach, they'll make for a neat-looking setup – and they pledge to provide plenty of grunt too.


Aiming to cater to the various speaker configurations its processors can handle, Anthem has created three models: the two-channel MCA 225 (£1,995), three-channel MCA 325 (£2,495) or five-channel MCA 525 (£3,495). All claim a 225W-per-channel power output into 8 ohm loads from Class AB modules tethered to 'low-noise, high-power' toroidal transformers. Advanced Load Monitoring technology tracks temperature, current and voltage to protect against clipping. Inputs are on both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA.