Mr. Peabody & Sherman: Deluxe Edition review

If only we could travel back in time to watch the original 'toons instead of this re-animated update

Mr. Peabody isn't like other dogs. Not only is he super-intelligent, but he also won the right to adopt a boy of his own. Oh, and he also invented the WABAC, a time machine that he uses to teach his young prodigy all about history.

Directed by Rob 'The Lion King' Minkoff, we had high hopes for this CGI reboot of the segment of the same name that used to play as part of the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. Unfortunately, it seems that somewhere along the line all of the wacky humour of the original got lost, leaving us with an flat film that may go down a storm with kids, but has very little to offer adult viewers.

Picture: It doesn't matter whether you opt for the 2D or 3D version of the film, either way you're in for a treat. Colour and clarity are excellent across both encodes, with the 3D presentation adding plenty of volume to the imagery – just look at the different planes of depth evident in the struts and supports making up Da Vinci's flying machine as it swoops around the city in Chapter 16.

The only slightly curious note is that while the 2D version of the film is presented in a 1.85:1 aspect ratio, the 3D version opts for 1.78:1 instead.
Picture rating: 5/5

Audio: There are no real surprises here, with Mr. Peabody & Sherman's DTS-HD Master Audio mix delivering everything you'd expect from a modern animated blockbuster. Use of the surrounds is pervasive from start to finish, constantly wrapping the viewer up in a coherent 360-degree soundstage. Bass effects are best described as potent, although they still remain balanced with the rest of the soundtrack. Meanwhile, the dialogue and music are rendered with pristine clarity and warmth. It's a shame the movie isn't this good.
Audio rating: 5/5

Extras: While the stereoscopic platter is barebones, the accompanying 2D Blu-ray makes amends with an interesting collection of goodies.

Things get off to a strong start with a section dedicated to the original cartoon that inspired the film. Here you'll find the original pilot episode for Rocky & His Friends and five additional Mr. Peabody & Sherman segments.

An accompanying 22-minute documentary looks at the origins of the 'toon as well as the making of the contemporary movie. You also get a tour of the WABAC machine, a short scientific discussion of time travel, a promo featurette, a gallery of 24 stills, two set-top games for little 'uns and the usual batch of DreamWorks trailers and music videos.
Extras rating: 3/5

We say: A sensational hi-def package for a middling animated adventure

Mr. Peabody & Sherman: Deluxe Edition, 20th Century Fox/DreamWorks, Region A/B (2D) & B/C (3D) BD,
£28 Approx