Trinnov will make DTS:X Pro compatibility publicly available to its Altitude processor hardware

High-end cinema sound brand Trinnov Audio has announced that it will add DTS:X Pro compatibility to its Altitude processor lineup as a free-of-charge update, allowing the hardware to cater to expansive setups beyond the 7.1.4 channel limitation of DTS:X.

DTS:X Pro can render 30.2 channels of immersive audio. Trinnov has said it will demonstrate it using a 15.3.10 setup at the ISE 2020 show in February, using an Altitude32 processor and a bevy of Amplitude8 power amps.

The brand believes its Altitude32 and Altitude16 processors, which will get the DTS:X Pro update, offer a user benefit over competitor products. 'Whilst other manufacturers need to release a new generation of products to support this feature, Trinnov’s unique software-based platform, designed for sustainability with unprecedented power and upgradability, requires no hardware change.'

Trinnov and DTS first collaborated on demonstrations of DTS:X Pro last year, but this is the first time public availability has been confirmed. It has 'the capability to scale dynamically based on source material and output layout', explains Trinnov, and uses the DTS Neural:X upmixer to 'ensure channel-based content is appropriately distributed to all connected speakers while audio objects are rendered to precise locations.'

Here's a preview look at Trinnov's ISE 2020 demo system...

Trinnov Audio