Suits: Season One

Is this new US legal drama guilty of being too smug for its own good?

Harvey Spector is a charismatic high-flying lawyer. Mike Ross, his new junior associate, is a college drop-out who has never even studied law, but has helped a lot of people cheat their way through the exams. How’s that for a high concept? Well, while Suits is sometimes a little too smug for its own good, for the most part it’s a well-written show with excellent performances. It certainly left this reviewer interested to see how the concept develops across a second season.

But what about Universal Playback's UK DVD release? This four-disc set boasts pleasingly sharp anamorphic 1.78:1 transfers (hooray!) and uninspired Dolby 2.0 soundtracks (boo!) for all 12 episodes. Rather middling extras take the form of deleted scenes, an alternate cut of the pilot episode, outtakes and commentaries on the first and last episodes (hmm?). All of which leaves this court of opinion stuck with a hung jury…

Universal Playback, R2 DVD, £30 Approx, On sale now