Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season Four

The best thing about The Phantom Menace returns to torment the Jedi...

While it doesn't get off to the best of starts (pretty much all of the episodes on Disc One are geared towards kids), this Star Wars spin-off soon finds itsfeet again. Highlights include Obi-Wan going undercover as a bounty hunter and the return of Darth Maul – which might have had slightly more impact if they hadn't given the game away by plastering his face all over the Blu-ray sleeve. The set's 2.35:1 HD encodes make the most of the show's gorgeous CG-animation and are supported by surprisingly powerful and nuanced DTS-HD MA 5.1 audio. There are also some fascinating extras to get stuck into including some split-screen video commentaries for selected story arcs.

Warner Home Video, All-region BD, £45 Approx, On sale  now