Smart, portable and 4K HDR-ready – meet ViewSonic’s innovative X10-4K projector

Wouldn't it be great if every room in the house could be a cinema? Where any white wall could transform into a giant high-resolution screen to watch movies, cheer on your favourite sports team or play video games? With ViewSonic’s new X10-4K projector, that's exactly what you can do.

This stylish and portable smart home entertainment PJ employs the latest AV technologies to deliver a sensational big screen experience without any of the fuss or complexity usually associated with home cinema viewing. A short-throw (0.8:1) model, the X10-4K delivers a field-of-vision-filling 100in image from a distance of less than two metres, making it easy to accommodate. Its IF Design award-winning chassis, with magnetic leather casing and covered connectors, means it’ll fit with any decor.

ViewSonic_X10-4K lifestyle

Living with the ViewSonic X10-4K couldn't be simpler. In place of a traditional UHP lamp, the projector features an energy-efficient LED engine to provide consistently bright, colour-rich visuals. It’s essentially maintenance-free with no need to invest in a costly replacement lamp, as the LED module has an estimated lifespan of 30,000 hours. The high-quality lens is protected, so intrusive dust doesn’t become a problem, and an integrated carry handle ensures the 2kg projector can be easily carried from room to room.

Setup is no more complicated than arranging a coffee table or stand and choosing your wall (although you could add a dedicated screen for the ultimate installation). It really is plug-and-play; the X10-4K will Auto Focus the image, leaving you to just choose your input source from the backlit remote control. Then off you go.


High-quality performance
While designed for convenience and ease-of-use, this projector is also primed for high-quality performance. Two 4K-ready HDMI v2.0 inputs let you connect your Ultra HD Blu-ray player and 4K set-top box, games console or media streamer. The X10-4K uses the latest DLP 4K chipset with XPR (eXpanded Pixel Resolution) technology, and is HDR (High Dynamic Range) compatible.

And it goes a step further than traditional models when it comes to connectivity, offering wireless streaming too. A Wi-Fi dongle is supplied to simplify connection to your network, and the projector works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and has Bluetooth support so you can stream music directly if you want to listen to a party playlist. USB and microSD inputs handle other sources, and as the X10-4K runs an Android OS, apps (including BBC iPlayer and Netflix) can be downloaded directly from the Android Aptoide store. You can also Screen Mirror your smartphone.

The ViewSonic’s all-important image quality is superb. A 2,400 LED Lumens output is bright enough to work even in moderately lit rooms, but for a really immersive cinematic experience, you’ll want to dim the lights. The projector’s 4K chipset creates ultra-sharp images, while colours are bright and vibrant with REC.709 colour accuracy. And the X10-4K isn’t just for film night; image smoothing frame interpolation is available for fast-moving sports - important if you don’t want to miss a moment during the big match.

Accompanying the large screen picture is the X10-4K’s built-in sound system, designed by renowned audio leader Harman/Kardon. This delivers best-in-class volume and clarity, with crisp, strong dialogue and full-bodied action. There's no need to add in an exterior sound system or soundbar.


Beautifully designed, with maintenance-free 4K video performance and blockbuster stereo sound, the ViewSonic X10-4K is the home entertainment projector you’ve been waiting for. Now you can turn your house into the multiplex you’ve always wanted…

The ViewSonic X10-4K is available now, priced £1,300. For more info, visit – and see HCC #300, on sale now, for our in-depth review.