Robin Redbreast DVD review

Well, they never tell you about these kinds of goings-on on Countryfile...

A companion piece of sorts to The Wicker Man, this provocative 1970 BBC Play for Today production is a creepy piece of English Gothic focusing on folk rituals in an insular village. While it was originally shot in colour, the only surviving print is an off-air black-and-white 16mm telerecording, which served as the basis for this DVD release. Regardless of this the 1.33:1 transfer seems fine on a technical basis and the lack of colour isn't really that much of an issue. Extras take the form of an interview with screenwriter James Bowen, the 1937 archival short Around the Village Green and a booklet containing essays about the main feature and the accompanying short.

Robin Redbreast, BFI, R2 DVD, £20 Approx