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But while resolution may be sacrificed, you'll still benefit from the set's dynamics and the perfect black offered by OLED tech. The picture here is undoubtedly lovely. A new Philips processing suite includes best-in-class noise reduction with preternatural sharpness and contrast.

This is also a TV that rewards when driven hard, and even its Dynamic image setting will leave you hungry for more. The AI-enhanced fourth iteration of the P5 picture processing engine, now dubbed AI Intelligent Dual Picture Engine, does an uncanny job milking detail from 4K and HD sources, while machine learning is able to analyse millions of PQ test clips from a database built by Philips engineers over the past 30 years. It's clever stuff.

HDR Hero
The European marque remains one of the few TV makers to support all key iterations of HDR – the OLED935 recognises HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, as well as HLG – and its HDR handling is satisfying. There are plenty of sub-£500, 50in TVs which offer HDR compatibility, but most simply don't have the ability to showcase peak brightness highlights like this pricier OLED. The Boys (Prime Video), in UHD with HDR10+, looks positively fearsome with its scenes of burning eye-beam carnage. I measured HDR peak brightness, using a 5 per cent white window, at 850 nits. This means it's more than able to do justice to real-world HDR highlights, which positively ping off its true black base layer. The sense of contrast this set engineers is superb.

Amongst the various image presets is the UHD Alliance's Filmmaker standard, although here it's triggered by the TV's Movie mode. Given just how vibrant the native Philips image modes are in comparison, it'll have a hard job persuading many owners to opt for it, but for cinema purists, it's a welcome addition.

321phil.remThe OLED935's Atmos sound system works with Dolby Atmos-compatible apps like Netflix and Prime Video, as well as any external source, be it Blu-ray deck or TV box. In Movie mode, the TV upmixes non-Dolby Atmos material, so all drivers continue to be used, which sounds remarkably good.

There's no physical difference in the Bowers & Wilkins hardware between the various screen iterations of the OLED935, but I was told they have been tuned slightly differently to ensure the sonic image and centre channel delivery is always appropriate to the screen size.

With all ten drivers in full flow, this 3.1.2 configuration crafts a soundstage with genuine clout. That tweeter-on-top, partnered with a mid-range unit, is the perfect combo for clear dialogue, while the upfiring Dolby Atmos units give a sense of height. And unlike the OLED934 [HCC #306], which didn't make correct use of Dolby's .1 channel, this newer model doesn't leave Atmos soundtracks with a hole in them. Admittedly, there is still a lack of deep slam – to be expected given the size of the bass driver – but that doesn't stop the opening bombing run of Unbroken (4K Blu-ray) from being dramatic and exciting, with excellent directional steering.

Smallscreen Siren
The 48OLED935 is something of a conundrum, as its screen size comes with a price premium – you can buy bigger OLED TVs for less, and stepping up to Philips' own 55in variant won't set you back more than £200. Nor is it the best screen to option if you're looking for HDMI 2.1 features.

That said, the integrated Dolby Atmos sound system makes the viewing experience larger than the panel size alone might suggest, while Ambilight adds an extra layer of cool. Image quality is excellent, with a real dynamic zeal.This smallscreen siren is difficult to resist.

HCC Verdict

Philips 48OLED935

Price: £1,700

We say: Not for gamers, but this lifestyle OLED screen, with excellent AI image quality and superior sound system, is a handsome option.

Overall: 5/5


4K: Yes. TUNER: Freeview HD (Freeview Play); satellite HD CONNECTIONS: 4 x HDMI inputs; optical digital audio output; Ethernet; 2 x USB; headphone output SOUND (CLAIMED): 3.1.2-channel, 70W BRIGHTNESS (CLAIMED): N/A CONTRAST RATIO (CLAIMED): N/A DIMENSIONS (incl. stand) 1,069(w) x 716(h) x 261(d)mm WEIGHT (incl. stand): 20.6kg

FEATURES: Four-sided Ambilight with AmbiSleep, Game Mode, etc; dual-band Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; P5 AI Perfect Picture Engine; Perfect Natural Motion; Bowers & Wilkins soundbar; Dolby Atmos decoder; Android TV 9 OS; Google Assistant built-in