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Just as importantly, the set does a first-class job with near blacks and shadow detail. The dark balaclavas worn by the Animal Liberation Front in Okja (Netflix) are replete with texture and detail; they almost look a little itchy.

It's this subtlety where the HZ2000 edges ahead of close rivals, delivering that filmic quality which the company has strived so hard to perfect.

1120panahd.remThe HZ2000 is ready for calibrators, and is certified a 'CalMAN Ready' display for use with CalMAN software (and supports the latter's auto calibration tool). For casual users it offers the typical selection of picture presets; pleasingly, all of these have appeal. Even the Dynamic mode is inviting, as – remarkably – when the HZ2000 over-saturates colours, hues don't seem egregious. The picture remains entirely palatable. Dolby Vision IQ quickly became my preferred viewing option for all Dolby Vision content. By contrast, Filmmaker Mode with non-4K material looks a bit too murky; it's a better option with 4K HDR sources.

For everyday viewing, Panasonic's Normal image preset remains the best choice, as it strikes a fine overall balance.

Motion handling is provided by IFC (Intelligent Frame Creation) and is actually pretty good. IFC works well to maintain clarity during fast-moving action, and is well suited to sports. There's a Black Frame insertion option, which significantly reduces blur, but in turn overly darkens the image. It's the sort of setting that measures well, but in the real world proves an uncomfortable watch.

Technics Tuning
Sonically, the HZ2000 stands out from the crowd. While there's no shortage of flatscreens that offer Dolby Atmos audio via HDMI, few offer anything like an immersive listening experience from their onboard speaker complement. This TV is different.

That forward-facing speaker, tuned by Technics, handles left/centre/right duties, and is clean, crisp and dynamic. On the rear of the set are the height drivers, which cast audio to the ceiling that then bounces down to create a sense of overhead involvement.

Panasonic Space Tune is a simple setup optimiser that allows you to manually set wall and ceiling height, and checks your viewing orientation, whether it be square-on or looking up. If you don't like what it does, you can always switch it off.


The resulting 140W soundstage is wide, high and directional. But it's not just about making a big noise. There's a tangible sense of size and space to locations, drawing you in to what you're watching. It's consistently entertaining with Dolby Atmos-encoded movies, if you can live without genuine rear surround sound. More telling is the lack of deep bass. The TV doesn't ship with a wireless subwoofer (although you can add one as an optional extra), and while it acknowledges the .1 LFE channel in a film mix, it grumbles politely rather than drop deep.

Bright Star
The TX-55HZ2000 offers the sort of image quality that's certain to dazzle home cinephiles. Its pictures are supremely well balanced, with excellent HDR handling and a colour authenticity that's often mesmerising. And it ships with a sound system that genuinely hints at Dolby Atmos immersion (obviously, we would still advocate a full-blown home theatre sound system).

Unfortunately, this isn't a screen that will suit forward-looking gamers. It's hampered by an HDMI provision handed down from last year's GZ2000. If you want 120fps support from a flagship Panasonic OLED, it's probably best to come back next year.

But if premium home cinema is your goal, then the HZ2000 is a bona fide blockbuster.

HCC Verdict

Panasonic TX-55HZ2000

Price: £3,000

We say: The addition of Dolby Vision IQ gives this reference-grade 4K OLED a welcome boost. Awesome sound, strong smarts and the most cinematic picture in town. A class-leader.

Overall: 5/5


4K: Yes HDR: Yes. HDR10; HDR10+; Dolby Vision; HLG; HDR Photo TUNER: Yes. Freeview HD (Freeview Play)/satellite HD CONNECTIONS: 4 x HDMI inputs; 3 x USB; optical digital audio output; component/composite video input; Ethernet; headphone/sub output Sound (CLAIMED): 140W (2 x 40W, plus 3 x 20W) BRIGHTNESS (claimed): N/A CONTRAST RATIO (claimed): 'Ultimate Contrast' Dimensions (off stand): 1,225(w) x 761(h) x 78(d)mm Weight (off stand): 26.5kg

FEATURES: HCX Pro Intelligent processor; built-in Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; My Home Screen v5.0 smart platform; Filmmaker Mode; Netflix Calibrated Mode; Dolby Vision IQ; Auto Low Latency mode; USB and network media playback; eARC