The Darkest Hour 3D

Invisible monsters target teens in this stereoscopic science-fiction flop

Invisible aliens. Now there’s a way for a studio to save a big old pile of money. However, when it comes time for the big reveal, your alien beasties better be worth the wait – something that can’t be said of the CG ETs that pop up in this invasion flick. Despite some moderately impressive MVC 2.40:1 stereoscopic visuals (the 'flat' 2D presentation looks pretty spiff too) and very lively DTS-HD MA 5.1 audio, The Darkest Hour is really no better than made-for-TV fodder like Sand Sharks or Camel Spiders. In other words, it’s complete crap.

If you care, the set’s 2D platter also offers a 12-minute Making of…, four deleted scenes, an extended scene and a short spin-off film entitled The Darkest Hour: Survivors, which is actually more thrilling that the main feature. Oddly, while the 2D disc can be played in any region, the accompanying 3D disc in the set is locked to regions A and B. The set also includes a bonus DVD and Digital Copy of the film.

20th Century Fox, Region A/B BD/R2 DVD, £25 Approx, On sale now