Canton Your Duo/Your Stick speaker review

Separate but equal Mark Craven puts the stereo back into his MP3 collection

The idea behind Canton’s your_Duo product is simple – the current range of one-box iPod docks just aren’t doing justice to our MP3 collections. By ‘splitting’ the dock into two separate cabinets, you can enjoy real stereo audio.

The two-way your_Duo speakers can be positioned wherever you like in your room – they connect wirelessly to your Mac or PC via the also bundled your_Stick. This hooks into your ‘puter via USB. Then it’s just a case of finding your music collection and you’re in business. Canton’s new range is scaleable, too. The speakers can receive up to three sources, so you could have your_Duos all around your house paired to the same transmitter.


Audio quality is impressive. The clarity of the speakers breathes new life into your MP3s and you can get a genuine stereo spread. There’s a good punch to the bottom-end, too.

The gloss-white finished speakers are nice to look at and seem very well-built, with a good heft to them. Their size (24cm tall) means they’re easily slotted on to a bookshelf or desktop.

Setup is painless and the transmission range of the your_Stick is rated at 20m. I didn’t experience any drop-outs (until I took my laptop to the bottom of the garden...)


You need the your_Stick (or the forthcoming your_Dock) to stream audio to the speakers – Bluetooth and AirPlay are not offered. This could nark owners of smartphones and tablets.

The active speakers require power – so you’ll need to find two mains plugs and work out how to hide those wires...

Canton Your Duo/Your Stick
£600 Approx

Overall 4/5