Sony to offer expanded 4K TV lineup

Seven models ranging from 85in to 49in to arrive this Spring

The new Bravia range will go on sale in the UK in the Spring, with 4K screens split over three product lines – the 85in X95 model, the 79in, 65in, and 55in X9 series and the 65in, 55in and 49in X85 series. There will also be a 14-strong array of Full HD models beginning at 32in and maxing out at 65in.

Alongside the familiar Triluminos Display tech and X-Reality PRO processing, all Sony's 4K TVs will feature new X-Tended Dynamic Range wizardry to improve contrast levels for 'sparkling highlights and deep blacks', with the flagship X95 endowed with X-Tended Dynamic Range PRO.

With one eye on 4K/60p content, HDMI 2.0 connectivity is built-in, alongside HEVC decoding for 4K playback from 'net services such as Netflix, which will begin streaming content at beyond HD resolution in the first half of this year to territories including the UK. 

In terms of aesthetics, Sony is this year ignoring the thin-is-best mantra and introducing a 'wedge' design which sees the TV's frame widen towards the bottom. The company claims that lowering the centre of gravity means smaller pedestals can be employed, while the extra depth enables a greater performance from the in-built Long Duct or Magnetic Fluid (depending on range) speaker array.

More of an eye-opener is Sony's decision to launch a wireless subwoofer, the SWF-B100, which will work with all but the most entry-level Bravia TVs to provide a boost to their sonics, and perhaps give potential soundbar buyers second thoughts.

Prices for all Sony's 2014 TVs are yet to be announced.