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Ant-Man 3D review

BLU-RAY: Ant-Man 3D review

It may be about Marvel's tiniest action hero, but this quick-witted blockbuster is packed with big i...

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. review

BLU-RAY: The Man from U.N.C.L.E. review

Guy Ritchie warms up the Cold War with his deliberately retro pastiche of '60s spy movies

Amazon vs Netflix: Battle of the VODs

SOFTWARE: Amazon vs Netflix: Battle of the VODs

Netflix and Amazon have made binge-watching a national obsession, but which streaming service is bes...

Cherry 2000 review

BLU-RAY: Cherry 2000 review

This oddball 1980s genre mash-up enjoys a tasty debut on UK Blu-ray

Minions review

BLU-RAY: Minions review

This slapstick spin-off should go down a treat with fans of the little yellow weirdos

Ground control to Major Matt

SOFTWARE: Ground control to Major Matt

Hollywood superstar Matt Damon discusses the making of sci-fi blockbuster The Martian...

Terminator Genisys review

BLU-RAY: Terminator Genisys review

Needlessly convoluted reboot should terminate any chance of this franchise carrying on

The Charlie Chaplin Collection review

BLU-RAY: The Charlie Chaplin Collection review

Blu-ray boxset charts the extraordinary feature film career of a Hollywood legend

Spy review

BLU-RAY: Spy review

Comedy duo unite for a boundary-pushing espionage comedy starring an HCC fave

The Exorcist: The Complete Anthology review

BLU-RAY: The Exorcist: The Complete Anthology review

Affordable boxset showcases the highs and lows of the legendary horror series

Inside Out review

BLU-RAY: Inside Out review

This dazzling and inventive cartoon is the year's best feel-bad-film. And that's no bad thing

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Yamaha YSP-5600SW review

Impressive Atmos-enabled soundbar/subwoofer duo works hard to wrap you in movie audio

Sony KD-65S8505C review

Enjoy razor-sharp visuals with Sony's Android-powered 65in curved 4K/Ultra HD TV

Onkyo TX-RZ800 review

AVR giant debuts a new look with this £1,000 Atmos and DTS:X power-pusher

DALI Zensor Pico 5.1 review

Scaled-down loudspeaker package wants a space in your movie room

Philips 40PFT6510 review

Ultra HD not on your shopping list? Then check out this Android-powered 40in Full HD TV

Cambridge Audio CXU review

British AV brand targets serious audiophiles with its latest universal disc player

Artison Nano 1 review

A little goes a long way when it comes to this bijou bass box

Marantz AV8802A review

This top-flight 11-channel AV processor is bound to satisfy your movie and music needs

Canton DM100 review

Canton strengthens its soundbase lineup with a larger model that suits our audio ambitions

Philips 55PUT6400 review

This 55in 4K/Ultra HD TV will leave you change from £1,000, but should you be tempted?

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 Sorry, not interested.
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