Pioneer enters soundbase market with SBX-B30

Brand reckons your TV's speakers are no good. It's probably got a point.

Soundbase speakers are, in the words of Zoolander's Mugatu, 'so hot right now'. So it's no surprise to see AV corp Pioneer getting in on the act with the launch of the SBX-B30, a £230, Bluetooth-enabled model.

Claiming a total power output of 130W, the SBX-B30 features a quad-driver array – two full-range front speakers and two down-firing subwoofers. Connection to a TV is via analogue or optical – there's no HDMI provision. Users streaming music to the soundbase via Bluetooth are advised to use Pioneer's free Wireless Streaming app, which offers EQ and tempo controls, plus 'other special features.'

Pioneer says the SBX-B30 can accommodate TVs weighing up to 40kg, and that its composite wood cabinet has acoustic benefits in terms of negating unwanted resonances.

The speaker base features Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround decoding, as well as three sound modes (Surround, Night and Dialogue).

'Our engineers created the SBX-B30 to meet the needs of flatscreen TV owners looking for fuller, richer sound for watching TV and movies. Despite its compact size, the unit transforms adequate TV sound into immersive audio,' says Tim Goethals, Pioneer Europe's home electronics product planner. 

The SBX-B30 is Pioneer's first soundbase speaker. It has previously launched soundbars, including the feature-packed SBX-N500.