Naim Audio unveils ultra high-end mono power amp

NAP S1 'Statement' claims to deliver 9000W, costs a fortune

The Statement NAP-S1 mono block is rated at 746W into 8 ohms, 1450W into 4 ohms and over 9000W into 1 ohm, and the company claims it has been designed 'to supply the performance and dynamics that Naim's customers expect.'

Dubbed 'the ultimate amplifiers, the NAP-S1 was first conceived more than ten years ago, with serious development beginning in 2011. Says Steve Sells, Naim’s Electronic Design Director: 'Over the last three years the whole amplifier topology, methodology and philosophy has been defined, considered and refined by an experienced team of electronic, mechanical and industrial engineers from across Naim.'

The audio marque says that its engineering team was encouraged to put practical considerations (including, we imagine, cost) aside while it cooked up the NAP-S1. This allowed it to identify the 'best materials and components' and their reactions to electromagnetic radiation, heat, mechanical stress and voltage.

'It is an often-used cliché but the industrial design of Naim’s Statement amplifiers is truly form follows function. It may be beautifully finished and expertly crafted but every piece, every screw, was chosen for performance, longevity and, of course, pride of ownership,' says Naim.

The mega amp weighs 101kg, stands nearly a metre high (940mm) and sports an eye-catcthing vertical form factor. The NAP-S1's power supplies are housed at its base and coupled to the floor to protect the electronics above from interference – the two sections are separated by an acrylic divide. Connection to source is via balanced XLR.

The NAP-S1 is joined in the Statement range by the NAC-S1 pre-amp. The products will officially launch in July but those with big wallets can register their interest now at