Linn celebrates the 24-bits of Christmas

Download a free Studio Master quality track every day in December until Christmas Eve


Award-winning record label and music systems manufacturer Linn is offering a special gift to music lovers in the run up to Christmas. From today until Christmas Eve, the company is giving you the chance to download a free daily track from a host of major Linn artists, in Studio Master quality.

This musical advent calendar (dubbed 'The 24-Bits of Christmas') promises something for all kinds of music fans, including Britain's first ladt of jazz Claire Martin, Australian singer-songwriter Emily Barker and Scottish legend Dougie MacLean. To see what's on offer and download your free track, visit

Studio Masters can be streamed through a netowkr music player, including Linn's own range of DS players, as well as through computers with 24-bit soundcards using applications such as Songbird. For more information visit