The Lickerish Quartet

This tasty Blu-ray is a must-see for those with a sweet tooth for vintage erotica

Radley Metzger is one of the more intriguing US directors to have ever worked in the world of softcore erotica. Like much of his work, this 1970 feature mixes art-house sensibilities with softcore nooky, the end effect in this case being akin to a smutty version of Alain Resnais' French New Wave darling Last Year at Marienbad. And it's doubtful that the film has looked this good in a very long time thanks to Arrow's pleasing AVC 1.85:1 1080p transfer (a full restoration is needed, but would undoubtedly be far too expensive for a movie such as this).

The disc is rounded out with a generous package of extras including an enjoyable director's commentary, 11-minute Making of... featurette, a 32-minute reel of alternate softer sex scenes and a 13-minute featurette comparing location sound with looped dialogue.

Arrow Video, All-region BD/R0 DVD, £20 Approx, On sale now