Humax Foxsat 1TB (Russ Andrews Upgrade) review

Russ Andrews has added some bells and whistles to a Humax classic. Martin Pipe investigates...

Although it lacks the FreeTime functionality of Humax's HDR-1000S, the brand's established Foxsat-HDR is an acknowledged 'classic'. It's stable, looks good, performs well and is user-friendly. A pair of tuners allow you to watch one channel while another records onto its 1TB HDD. All of the Freesat regulars – such as a comprehensive EPG and digital teletext - are present, as is (non-HD) BBC iPlayer.

Russ Andrews, the 'go-to guy' for accessories and audiophile tweakery, has here taken the basic Foxsat-HDR chassis and modified it. The captive mains lead has been replaced by an IEC mains socket, enabling the customer's own mains cable to be used. Although the Foxsat-HDR is double-insulated and doesn't need the earth connection, Russ Andrews believes that grounding the casework yields sound quality improvements.

Two additional circuit boards provide surge-protection and 'Coherence Technology' power-supply filtering, while various capacitors inside the unit have been replaced with Panasonic audio-grade types. Next, we have a sheet attached to the lid. This casework damping stops the case resonating through vibration; according to Russ Andrews, this can be picked up by the various microphonic components within the circuitry.  Finally, a pack of wooden 'big cone' feet are included.

Sound and vision quality are limited only by broadcasts. Every recording completed without error, and no unexpected 'crashes' or glitches were experienced. How much of this excellence can be attributed to Russ Andrews' modifications is debatable. Good, then, that Russ Andrews offers a 14-day trial on the product, giving you a chance to see whether the additional £300 is justifiable.


Humax Foxsat 1TB (Russ Andrews Upgrade)
£600 Approx

Overall: 4/5