Home Cinema Choice 266 on sale now!

Definitive Technology speakers! High-spec Samsung 4K TV! The best BD audio mixes! It's all here!

This month's cover star is Definitive Technology's clever BP9000 speaker array. Aimed at those hankering for a 5.2.2 Atmos system but areconcerned about the space all those extra speakers will take up, these innovative towers of power boast integrated subwoofers and offer seamless integration to upfiring modules.

Also making a splash on the cover is Samsung's stunning UE49KS8000 4K HDR TV – find out why we've fallen in love with this high-spec flatscreen in our in-depth review.

Want to give your home cinema system something to really sing about? Then join us as we check out 23 Blu-ray audio mixes that are guaranteed to blow your socks off! If you don't have all of these discs in your collection, then you've been missing out on some serious sonic thrills.

Also: Oppo spills the beans on its debut 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray deck; we talk to the brains behind the UK's latest independent Blu-ray label about its roster of classic films; step inside an awesome Atmos movie den; celebrating the history of VHS and its impact on home entertainment; win one of two Orbitsound soundbars worth £400! 

More tests: Marantz's NR1607 seven-channel slimline AV receiver; Epson's 4K 'enhanced' home cinema projector; Philips' attractive 55PUS6401 Ambilight 4K HDR TV; LG's BP556 budget Blu-ray player with multiroom aspirations; Arcam's Solo Movie combination disc player and amplifier; and a whole lot more!