DALI brings higher-fidelity to on-wall loudspeakers

No compromise Rubicon LCR designed to flank flatscreens

The LCR is the first on-wall design from the brand. ‘It makes sense to have a product like this nowadays, as so many people want a sound system based around a screen,' DALI CEO Lars Worre told HCC. ‘There was plenty of cabinet space so we thought why not take our best tweeter module and put it in.’ He says that the new design really gets ‘the best out of the seven litres reserved for sound.’

With the exception of the 2, all the new Rubicon speakers utilise a version of the innovative dome/ribbon tweeter module first heard in DALI’s high-end Epicon line, as well a unique SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) magnet motor system which helps reduce harmonic distortion and improve musicality. 

DALI envisages that the Rubicon LCR will be mounted either side of a flatpanel TV, or deployed as part of a multichannel home theatre system. Demonstrations of the speaker confirm it’s capable of prodigious bass as well as a crisp, uncoloured mid-range. To achieve the uncharacteristically deep bass response, DALI engineers have engineered a bass port which cleverly runs up the back of cabinet behind a thin metal sheet, effectively extending the acoustic dimensions of the cabinet by 3-4cm. 

The LCR also boasts a sonic dispersion characteristic optimised for forward facing on-wall placement. ‘There’s no single sweet spot, so it’s ideal when facing a family of four on a sofa,’ explains Worre.

Tuned for CD!

Although audiophile by nature, the DALI CEO says the new Rubicon range has been tuned for real world use. ‘We know a lot of people will be playing Spotify at home,’ he says, adding: ‘The Rubicons were mainly tuned on CD, a mid-way point between streaming quality and HD audio. If we tuned only using high-res audio files we wouldn’t have a clue how these speakers would sound if you only played Spotify. We actually use a Denon CD transport in our listening room, a very old one. It sounds more analogue than most other players we’ve heard; it doesn’t have the edginess that so many CD players have. When I say analogue, I actually mean real – reality is analogue.'

The Rubicon LCR speaker retails for £875 a piece. This compares to £1,599 per pair for the Rubicon 2, £2,399 for the Rubicon 5, £2,999 for the Rubicon 6 and £3,999 for the flagship Rubicon 8. All models are available in piano gloss black or white (pictured below), walnut or Rosso. 

Visit www.dali-uk.co.uk for more info.