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Thonet and Vander Dass Desktop Computer Gaming Speakers (300 Peak Watts) 2.1 Surround Sound (Great For PC Games) Subwoofer/Dual RCA/Enhanced Bass


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Thonet and Vander Dass desktop computer gaming speakers boasts with overwhelming power and quality, designed to exceed even the high expectations of experts. Perfect for your game room, home or office. This gaming speaker system has a unique modern design and high quality sound. The Dass gaming surround speakers boasts 300 watts of peak power, offering balanced acoustics supported by its lignin hemp fiber mid-range and subwoofer. The Dass gaming speakers features Howl Base which extends to the lower frequencies to deliver natural, deep bass and surround sound. This 2.1 surround speaker system also possesses Wider FX which provides a frequency response outside its central axis and allows an enhanced stereo effect. These gaming 2.1 surround sound speakers has a catchy and extremely powerful sound. You will enjoy a one of a kind sound experience from these speakers, where all the details and special effects of your games come to life all at once. The 3 way speaker gaming speaker system features an avantgarde, German-engineered design with solid lines, curvy detailing, and a modern aesthetic. Key components manufactured in Germany and assembled in PRC. It is a true metaphor for sound, where the potency is just as powerful as its design. It can be connected via RCA stereo.

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