Royche MUSES MIDAS 2.0 Luxury Black Matallic Soundbar Speaker H.Q Chipset (for PC)


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it use USB power. and This product don't offer bluetooth. but has a headphone and mike input. / High Quality Sound? This product is Designed for user friendliness. Unique design, It is makes the high quality sound. The most valuable thing of speaker is sound. / H.Q Chipset Built-in - You can enjoy high-quality sound of baritone tone. / XBR Technology System - To minimize noise from the electric signal. / 400(W)x55(D)x60(H) / Output Power -3W x 2 (THD=10%) / Unit Size - 40 x 70mm x 2 Full Range / Impedance - 4Ohm/ Power Input - USB DC 5V / Frequency Response - 100Hz~18KHz / Digital Sound Inovation - NET 0.53kg

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