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NHT iC4-ARC 2-Way 8-inch In-Ceiling Speaker with Aluminum Driver, 150 Watts (Matte White, Single)


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iC4-ARC In-Ceiling Speaker The iC4-ARC is a super-premium, 3rd generation, high-end in-ceiling speaker utilizing a number of unique technologies that work together to deliver the best audio performance currently available in a in-ceiling mount speaker. Sold as single units rather than speaker pairs, iC4-ARC in-ceiling speakers are ideally used in premium home theaters (for any or all channels) and certainly in concert with NHT's premium Classic Line of in-room speakers. iC4-ARCs can also be used in any situation where the very best sound reproduction is desired with almost no physical presence in the room. Weather and moisture resistant materials make the iC4-ARC suitable for outdoor eves, covered patios, and master bathrooms as well. The iC4-ARC features NHT's new micro-perforated, bezel-less grill that attaches magnetically and reduces the installed footprint by almost 15% over its predecessor. NHT iC4-ARC In-Ceiling Speaker [https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/31oUDr1aG+L.jpg]Two professional grade, gold plated spring posts. View larger Anti-Resonant Casting (ARC) Virtually Eliminates Vibration Distortion The iC4-ARC in-ceiling speaker technologies include the premium anodized aluminum version NHT's proprietary 3-tweeter array to deliver the widest, sound field currently available from any ceiling mount speaker. This patented array is nested in the center of a custom designed, long-throw, high-power 8" aluminum-cone woofer. These components are then assembled into the remarkable new Anti-Resonant Casting or ARC "monocoque" chassis and 3-tweeter array sub-assembly to provide unprecedented strength and a lifetime of durability while acoustically reducing frame vibrations--"distortions"--to inaudible levels. Attractive, Bezel-less Design Just before NHT installs the speaker components, a smooth rubberized paint finish process is applied to the chassis that works together with ARC to help damp surface vibrations that can blur the sound. The iC4-ARC is also an integrated, serviceable design and features a bezel-less grill/frame design (no exposed frame lip or wide trim ring around the grill) and the beautiful micro-perforated grill attaches and centers itself magnetically. Simply said, with over 25 years of acoustic design under the belt, the iC4-ARC is NHT's best mid-size ceiling mount speaker to date. Pair with iCB8 Pre-Construction Brackets (sold separately) Building a home? New addition? Exposed ceilings joists? Be sure to use the companion iCB8 pre-construction bracket (sold individually). Note: this bracket IS NOT used for retrofit application (existing structures). NHT iC4-ARC In-Ceiling Speaker [https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41Ih9UnNOIL.jpg]NHT's aluminum 3-tweeter array delivers the widest sound field available in any ceiling mount speaker.

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