KEF LS50 Special Edition Black Speaker Pair + Floorstands


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The LS50 radiates an extremely large listening sweet spot and delivers a remarkably fast, clean, and expansive sound with its Unit-Q driver Array. The construction of the ls50's cabinets plays a big Part in their sound. From baffle Shaping and port design, the LS50 reproduces your Audio completely flat and unaltered. The LS50 comes in four spectacular colors, each with its own corresponding Unit-Q driver Array Color and frequency response is 79Hz - 28Khz (3Db) The LS50 is one of the most award-winning speaker products ever released by KEF, receiving accolades from such publications as stereophile, what hi-fi, and the absolute sound. Custom designed, incredibly sturdy speaker stands for use with any bookshelf speaker. Adjustable Spike feet included, hardwood floor protection discs sold separately. This sturdy yet elegant single-post design allows for the central columns to be Filled with Inert filler (sold separately) during assembly.

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