Hisense 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV 2018 (100L8D)


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This 100-inch ‘panel-less’ 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV is the absolute opposite of your ordinary smart TV. It’s a masterful combination of movie-theater technology, elegant aesthetics, and a simple table-top setup. You can easily turn your living space to a home cinema without having to mount a heavy LCD TV on the wall. The Hisense 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV features Hisense’s proprietary technology to produce luminance, color and motion rate for a premium viewing experience. In addition, the TV comes with built-in Harman Kardon® speakers, 3000 lumens to show bright colors, a UHD Upscaler, Wi-Fi, popular music and movie apps (such as Netflix) and many more features to enjoy

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