DURAGADGET High Grade Polymer USB Powered Laptop Speakers For Sony Vaio Z Series, E Series 15.5" & F Series


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Introducing DURAGADGET's fantastic high grade laptop speakers designed to give you a better audio experience when using your device. The stylish pressure driven speakers provide a high range of bass, middle and treble without distortion or sacrificing volume. The free-standing speakers are connected by a 1m cable allowing for greater flexibility in speaker position. Powered simply from a USB port, there is no hassle with mains supply to worry about when using this product. This device is built from a high-grade polymer and designed to last, as well as being CE and ROSH certified. Compatible with: Sony Vaio Y Series, Vaio Z Series, Vaio S Series, Vaio C Series 14", Vaio C Series 15.5", Vaio E Series 15.5", Vaio F Series & Vaio E Series 17.3".

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