Trinnov's Dolby Atmos Object Viewer lets you watch your movie soundmixes fly about in real time...

To be filed under 'ultra cool,' Trinnov has added a Dolby Atmos Object Viewer to its Altitude series of audio processors.

As part of a software upgrade (version 4.2.16) for the Altitude32 and Altitude16, the Object Viewer provides a graphical three-dimensional representation of each object in a Dolby Atmos soundmix, in real time, showing how they move around the soundfield.

The user's own speaker array can also be shown – as cubes – with the option of a shift in colour intensity to represent sound level changes.

The Dolby Atmos Object Viewer is available on the 3D Speaker Layout and Configuration screen of the Altitude GUI. It can be paused during playback for closer inspection.

'We are very happy to deliver to Trinnov owners a highly useful and even educational feature that will enable them to better discover the details of the Dolby Atmos mix of their favourite films and music,' says Trinnov CEO Arnaud Laborie.

Below is a sneak peek of Trinnov's new toy in action.

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