The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray on the way

Tobe Hooper horror classic will also sport 13.1 Auro-3D soundmix, plus Atmos. Maybe

The platter will be released by German distributor Turbine Classics in 'select territories' on May 27. The Auro-3D soundmix will be offered in both English and German language versions. Also on the disc, we're told, will be DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 and 2.0 soundtracks – yet the pack art mentions a Dolby Atmos soundtrack...

Also, the info we've received from Auro doesn't make any mention of bonus features beyond a German language commentary track. Yet the pack art highlights '220 mins bonus material'. 

The 1974 low-budget horror – shot on 16mm – enjoyed a Blu-ray release from Second Sight in 2014 (dubbed the 40th Anniversary Restoration) based upon a new 4K restoration. Presumably the UHD Blu-ray release will be derived from the same source. Head here for our review of the 40th Anniversary Restoration Blu-ray.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will be the first genuine back-catalogue Ultra HD Blu-ray release. Because we don't count the likes of Salt or Hancock...

Wilfried Van Baelen is the CEO of Auro Technologies: 'To have such an iconic and influential movie released again in Auro-3D is truly worth the excitement. Having 4K images combined with true 3D sound will uplift this classic tale to a new dimension.’

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Ultra HD Blu-ray is available on for €30. And here it is in all its gory glory...

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray sleeve