Samsung confirms global rollout of 110in MicroLED TV for 2021

Samsung has announced a 110in MicroLED TV for 2021 that will bring its next-generation display technology to consumer markets.

Previously, the brand has deployed MicroLED, which replaces the traditional LED backlight and colour filter of conventional LED-lit LCD TVs with ‘self-illuminating’ micrometer-sized LEDs operating at pixel level, in its The Wall system.

Yet The Wall is a professional solution, using a modular design based around configurable panels. The new MicroLED TV (UK model no. currently unknown) is described by Samsung as an ‘out of the box’ product.

‘Previously, mass-producing a MicroLED screen as small as 110in for simple home installation wasn’t possible,’ says Samsung. New ‘cutting-edge surface mount technology’, in addition to production processes honed in the company’s semiconductor business, have paved the way for the new product.

And for those guffawing at the notion that a 110in TV is a ‘consumer’ option, Samsung says its new MicroLED production methods will allow it to deliver smaller models in the future, paving the way for a more fully realised MicroLED lineup.

As for specifications, the TV sports a 4K resolution (MicroLED is seemingly not yet suited to 8K), and features a 99.9% ‘screen-to-body ratio’ – meaning it’s effectively bezel-free. Colour space is rated at 100% of DCI. Powering this flagship set is Samsung’s new Micro AI processor.

Other features include a Smart TV platform optimised ‘to take advantage of the 110in MicroLED’s massive screen’ – Multi View functionality will enable owners to split the TV’s panel real estate into four 55in screens for viewing different content simultaneously.

Audio comes via a ‘Majestic Sound System,’ which Samsung says delivers an immersive 5.1 effect. Object Tracking Sound technology, a feature of its 2020 QLED models, is uprated to ‘Pro’ grade.

An obvious competitor to the self-illuminating OLED technology used by Samsung’s rivals, MicroLED claims a particular advantage – its diminutive LEDs are inorganic, and subsequently offer a suggested life-time of up to 100,000 hours.

The TV is available for pre-order now in Samsung's native South Korea, with a price tag equivalent to around £110,000. It will be available globally in Q1 2021.

‘In the past year, consumer interest and demand for large screen TVs has continued to grow rapidly, say Samsung. 'With the launch of the 110’’ MicroLED, Samsung offers a breathtaking visual experience on an ultra-large next-generation TV display.’