Samsung and Amazon team up for HDR10+

Dynamic metadata format to rival Dolby Vision HDR?

Samsung and Amazon Video have announced a new HDR format, called HDR10+ (also HDR10 Plus, seemingly), which updates the open standard to introduce dynamic metadata to improve image quality.

The format is supported by all of Samsung's 4K TVs launched in 2017, and models launched in 2016 will receive a firmware update in the second half of this year.

Amazon has pledged to stream content in HDR10+ worldwide later this year.

Says Samsung: 'The current HDR10 standard utilizes static metadata that does not change during playback despite scene-specific brightness levels. As a result, image quality may not be optimal.

'HDR10+ incorporates dynamic metadata that allows an HDR TV to adjust brightness levels on a scene-by-scene or even frame-by-frame basis. With the ability to display outstanding contrast with detailed highlights and a richer range of colors, HDR10+ produces images that are much closer to the director’s intent.'

Samsung undoubtedly hopes other content providers will follow Amazon's lead and adopt the open standard. The Korean corp says it has collaborated with Colorfront to design HDR10+ workflows for post-production mastering.

'As an advanced HDR10 technology, HDR10+ offers an unparalleled HDR viewing experience — vivid picture, better contrast and accurate colors — that brings HDR video to life,' says Kyoungwon Lim, Vice President of Visual Display Division at Samsung Electronics. 

Unlike LG and Sony, Samsung is not offering TVs with support for Dolby Vision, a rival dynamic metadata format which will debut on Ultra HD Blu-ray this Summer.