Pioneer to add HDR10+ support to UDP-LX800 and UDP-LX500 Ultra HD Blu-ray players

While we still wait for the first 4K Blu-ray using HDR10+ to arrive, Pioneer has joined Panasonic in confirming support for the dynamic HDR format on its premium Ultra HD Blu-ray players – although the necessary firmware update isn't scheduled to arrive until 'Spring 2019'.

The update will add HDR10+ playback to Pioneer's high-end UDP-LX800 (pictured) and UDP-LX500 machines, which also support Dolby Vision (and industry standard HDR10).

'The firmware release will be announced via our website when it is ready', says Pioneer. So owners of these two decks need to keep their browser pointed at

HDR10+ (a royalty-free 'open standard' alternative to Dolby Vision) was launched by Samsung and Amazon in 2017, with Panasonic, Philips, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros later signing up. Yet content has been in short supply, with only Amazon Prime Video offering HDR10+ streams.

At least Pioneer's 4K players should be ready for any Fox or Warner HDR10+ UHD discs when they do surface...