Halo 4

The biggest gun is Xbox's gaming arsenal is in new hands. So how does it measure up?

It's been five years since Halo 3 left Master Chief drifting through space with the war against the Covenant finally finished. Although franchise creators Bungie are no longer involved, under the reins of 343 Industries this new Halo sequel feels like a seamless transition.

Indeed, our biggest complaint about Halo 4 is that in many ways it's just business as usual (right down to tussles with rogue Covenant forces). But it always maintains the franchise's biggest strength – the solidity of the gun-play and balance of the weaponry is as good as ever. And despite a bit of minor clipping in some locations, Halo 4 also looks and sounds suitably epic, throwing out plenty of memorable sci-fi settings for you to blast your way through.

Microsoft Studios, Xbox 360, £50 Approx, On sale now