Epson announces trio of projectors with HDR and UHD Blu-ray support

EH-TW7300, EH-TW9300 and EH-TW9300W models available from September

LCD projector specialist Epson has announced three new models to launch this September that will support playback of HDR and Ultra HD Blu-ray movies. 

Aiming to enhance 'the immersive, big-screen movie experience', the EH-TW7300, EH-TW9200 and EH-TW9300W are claimed to deliver a wide colour gamut (100 per cent of DCI-P3 colour space), and support HDR 10 content. 

All three models offer dual HDM inputs, one supporting HDCP 2.2, the other pegged at HDCP 1.4. So Ultra HD Blu-ray is on the menu, although rather than being native 4K devices, the projector's use Epson's 4K enhancement technology in conjunction with Full HD optics, in a similar fashion to JVC's eShift models.

Other connections include RJ45, RS232 and a 12V trigger output for system control.

Additional features across the new range are powered lens shift (+/-96.3 per cent vertical and +/-47.1 per cent horizontal), motorised focus and zoom (2.1x), and ten-option lens memory functionality to facilitate easy switching between aspect ratios. Frame interpolation and 'detail enhancement' tools are offered to buff up images even further, and 3D playback is supported.

Claimed brightness is 2,300 lumens for the EH-TW7300 and 2,500 lumens for the EH-TW9300 and EH-TW9300W. Contrast is rated at 160,000:1 for the EH-TW7300, rising to 1,000,000:1 for the two higher-end models. 

The difference between the EH-TW9300 and the EH-TW9300W is the latter's inclusion of Epson's 4K WiHD transmitter, enabling wireless source connection. The transmitter offers a quartet of HDMI inputs, all supporting HDCP 2.2. 

Lamp life of all three is rated at 5,000 hours with the PJ set to eco mode.

Says Charlotte Hone, Epson UK's Product Manager: 'We want customers to achieve the very best cinematic experience at home, so we’re really excited to be introducing the EH-TW7300, EH-TW9300 and EH-TW9300W. Latest technologies integrated in these models, such as 4K enhancement and UHD Blu-ray and HDR support, mark a significant improvement in image quality and will really enhance the user’s overall experience.'

Suggested pricing for the projectors is £2,200 for the EH-TW7300, £3,000 for the EH-TW930 and £3,300 for the EH-TW9300W.

The EH-TW7300, EH-TW9300 and EH-TW9300W models will replace the previous EH-TW7200 and EH-TW9200/W projectors that have been part of the brand's home cinema lineup since 2013. The laser-based high-end EH-LS10000 4K enhancement projector remain's Epson's top dog for the time being.