Cambridge Audio CXUHD is the brand's first 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player

Premium-build deck drops the DACs, embraces Dolby Vision

Cambridge Audio's debut 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player, the CXUHD, will go on sale via Richer Sounds stores and this September priced at £700.

As expected from the brand, the CXUHD is a universal design, supporting playback of DVD-Audio and SACD platters in addition to CD, DVD, Blu-ray (inlcuding 3D) and Ultra HD Blu-ray. Video format support includes Dolby Vision HDR, found so far on a smattering of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray releases, plus various codecs for DLNA streaming via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

While the player will be part of Cambridge Audio's audiophile CX range, it actually drops any analogue audio outputs and doesn't feature an internal DAC.

'Many amplifiers and AV Receivers now feature their own DACs,' explains the UK marque. 'Therefore, uniquely for a UHD player, Cambridge Audio have designed out all internal DACs and their associated digital circuitry. This decreases interference to the signal, significantly reducing noise and improving both audio and picture quality.'

Connectivity on the CXUHD includes dual HDMI inputs (one v2.0, one v1.4) and an HDMI input (v2.0) to allow for connection of external sources. Cambridge Audio suggests using it for a Chromecast, Amazon Fire or Apple TV, bringing video-on-demand apps to the party. The deck also offers twin USB ports, RS232, 12V trigger in/out and coaxial and optical digital audio outs.

Under the lid, the CXUHD uses Mediatek's MTK8591 chipset, with video output settings then 'professionally calibrated' by Cambridge Audio engineers. 'Whatever you’re watching, you’ll find the dynamic range has been optimised, bringing natural colours and a film-like fluidity that you have never seen before,' says the company.

Build quality refinements of this high-end player include a 'high-precision, balanced laser optical disc loader' promising super-fast loading times with error detection and correction. The deck offers the same brushed aluminium front panel design and chassis styling as its CX stablemates.