Borderlands 2

Gearbox goes in all-guns-blazing with this spectacular new shooter sequel

Ever since some enterprising young programmers at MIT first cooked up the game Spacewar! on a PD-1 mini computer in the early '60s, shooting things has played an integral part in the history of videogames. Gearbox Software's gun-obsessed Borderlands 2 is the natural culmination of this trend.

Billed as a 'role-playing shooter' guns are the entire raison d'etre of Borderlands 2. As you roam the game's sci-fi frontier landscapes your sole concern is shooting enemies and amassing a collection of the best guns you can lay your hands on. Shoot, kill, pick up guns. Shoot, kill, pick up guns. That's what it basically boils down to.

All of which might sound a little reductive and unsatisfying. But that's only because you haven't had the pleasure of playing around with Borderlands 2's gorgeous first-person shooter mechanics. Or experienced the joys of the game's obsessive approach to its 'millions upon millions' of guns where as much time is spent pouring over their different stats to work out which are going to be the best at killing your enemies. Then there's the gorgeous cel-shaded graphics, which imbues everything with a wickedly twisted cartoon style. And we can't forget the excellent multiplayer options that find you and a squad of up to three friends embarking on the most spectacular killing sprees. Simply brilliant.

Take 2 Interactive, Xbox 360/PS3/PC, £50 Approx, On sale now