Arrow Video announces its first 4K Blu-ray release with be cult sci-fi classic Pitch Black

Fan-favourite disc label Arrow Video has confirmed that the Vin Diesel sci-fi flick Pitch Black will be its debut 4K Blu-ray release.

Arriving August 17th, the 4K BD will present both Theatrical and Director's Cuts in 4K HDR (including Dolby Vision). Both versions will also feature the film's original DTS-HD MA 5.1 soundmix.

Arrow says the brand-new 4K restorations have been approved by Pitch Black director David Twohy, and Twohy also features in one of the release's new extras, an interview feature titled Nightfall: The Making of Pitch Black.

Other extra features include two archive commentary tracks (one with Twohy and stars Vin Diesel and Cole Hauser, the other with Twohy, producer Tom Engelman and VFX supervisor Peter Chiang); new 'Black Box' interviews with various cast and crew; the animated short The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury (which also gets its own extras); 2004 archival bonus features; behind-the-scenes footage; a Making of... featurette; VFX breakdowns; and much more.

Pitch Black's 4K debut will feature reversible 'Night' and 'Day' artwork, designed by Luke Preece. Those who pick it up during its first pressing run will also get a collectors' booklet featuring a discussion of creature designs, production notes, Vin Diesel interview, and more.